Policy Forums

Sanctuary for Families hosts a series of policy forums to discuss issues surrounding domestic violence.

Past Forums:


  • Sex Trafficking in New York: On March 8, 2011, Sanctuary hosted a forum featuring New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and other high profile speakers. The Forum addressed several questions, including why sex traffickers are not being actively prosecuted in New York State and what could be done to address the demand that fuels this lucrative market. 
  •  Between Two Worlds:  Immigrant victims of domestic violence are caught between the culture of their home country and that of their new home in America. Between Two Worlds explored the challenges they face when they seek to escape abuse and build new, independent lives for themselves and their children. 
  • Children and Domestic Violence: Children can be profoundly affected by experiences of domestic violence, even after the abuser has left and the battering has ended. Children and Domestic Violence explored issues surrounding children who have suffered or witnessed domestic violence, and sought to define what government and service providers can do to help children heal.