Bystanders No More: Toolkit


Why should you join the movement to end gender violence?

Maybe you've never been touched directly by domestic violence. Certainly, you would never harm a loved one or engage in abuse. So why does any of this matter to you?

Even if you don't feel you have a connection to this issue, the fact is that we all live in a culture that perpetuates gender violence.  If you watch TV or movies, see advertisements, play video games, or consume news media, you've been exposed to depictions of gender that are inaccurate, stereotypical, and even harmful - and send strong messages about how we should act in terms of our own gender and towards others based on gender.

In turn, these messages inform how we raise our children, how we view people of different gender identities and sexual orientations than our own, and how we respond to friends or family that make misogynistic or homophobic remarks.  They gives us implicit permission to overlook a colleague's sexist comment, or to overlook a friend's controlling behavior towards his girlfriend or boyfriend.

Bystanders No More invites you to take an active role in the movement to end gender violence by critically examining your own actions and beliefs and the actions of those around you. Click through our toolkit below to learn more.

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