Outreach, Training & Advocacy


Sanctuary engages in community outreach and training to increase awareness and understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence, and to help communities and organizations build their own capacity to assist victims.  

In an average year Sanctuary reaches more than 20,000 concerned community members.  We educate them about the crime of domestic violence, and what they can do to help.  Through these efforts we also reach potential victims, ensuring they know where to get help.

Every year we train thousands of professionals including judges, district attorneys, police, social service workers, pro bono lawyers and service providers for immigrants. 

Sanctuary is also a leading advocate for positive changes in city, state, and federal laws and public policies that affect our clients. We have helped bring about legislative and legal victories in areas including child welfare, sex trafficking, family law, matrimonial law, and immigrant issues.

We pursue improvements in housing and homelessness policies, the family court system, access to public benefits, and laws affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals,  and victims of sex trafficking.

Sanctuary has built strong relationships with government officials, community groups, influential media, and opinion leaders. They join with us as we form coalitions and task forces, host and present at high-impact public forums, and meet with legislators and government agencies.

Past outreach initiatives and advocacy events include: