Children's Program


Sanctuary developed one of the first programs devoted to the emotional needs of child victims/witnesses of domestic violence. Sanctuary provides a range of family-centered services to help children understand the domestic violence they have witnessed, and reduce their feelings of isolation, powerlessness, and self-blame. We also provide psychological testing, educational advocacy, and tutoring.

Children and teens under Sanctuary’s care have access to a host of recreational opportunities including art therapy, field trips, special events and parties, and summer camp programs.

The Program strives to:

  • Provide a safe, nurturing environment for children to articulate domestic violence issues
  • Reduce children’s feelings of isolation, powerlessness, and self-blame
  • Present alternatives to the values communicated by the use of violence in intimate relationships
  • Increase children’s self-esteem and help them develop a sense of empowerment
  • Facilitate healthy socialization skills in children
  • Cultivate strong parenting skills for mothers who are now sole caregivers
  • Foster good communication between mothers and children, strengthening the likelihood of long-term stability within the new family unit
The Children’s Program offers a full range of family-centered, personalized services to both battered women and their children including:
  • Individual and group counseling;
  • Play/art therapy
  • Parenting groups and workshops
  • Educational advocacy
  • Children’s activity groups
  • Childcare
  • Educational and recreational outings
  • Assistance with material needs such as clothing and school supplies